Global Prayer Works

Creating A Global Prayer Community

Mission & Intention

“If you knew the power of your prayers, you’d be praying all of the time.”
– Annie S. Greenleaf

The sole intention of Global Prayer Works is to call people together for prayer.

This work is about creating a great coming together for the highest benevolent good of humankind, the earth and all living things.

People from all walks of life, from all countries and nations, from all faiths and religious backgrounds, are needed to help with world prayer.

There is great power in numbers, and we are all called on at this time. Our world is fast changing and we have the power to be a part of the positive changes we wish to see.

God’s Greatest Loophole 

Because our greatest gift is free will, our Creator will never tell us we must do this or that, we always have the power to choose. However, during times of great change and need many are called upon by the Divine. This is how it works: There are individuals who are awakened and illuminated to this type of work and when there is a need, those who hear, listen, and sense and who are willing to act through prayer are called forth to service. Here are some examples of situations called on for prayer: extreme weather or natural disasters; places where war or political unrest are possible; volatile political situations; oppressive governments; and areas where people are in great danger, as an example, a mining facility where safety is not practiced and individuals are at great risk.

How This Works

My role with Global Prayer Works is to simply listen for the people, places and events in need of prayer and to make it known to others. This is done through the practice of prayer, meditation, and journal writing. You will see my posts regularly on Facebook and Twitter, and you will know that the work brought to my attention for the world comes from a very high place. This work is NOT to induce fear in any way, but to help intercede, intercept, intervene, influence, and to mitigate through the power of prayer.

Because one of our greatest powers as individuals lies with our ability to pray, we can help to shift these things. Prayers are always asked to benefit humankind and the earth in the highest way possible.

Some of the messages I post publicly could be about current events, and others may not. A post may not have come to pass and may never (God willing) but if you live in one of the places where prayer is being called to, then consider it a blessing that the Divine is calling the light to your area.

Why I Do This & Thank You

I have witnessed the power of group prayer on many occasions and I am passionate about serving in this way. There is power in numbers when it comes to prayer.

Please see this work for what it is, God’s grace in action. 

We have the opportunity to shift and change outcomes by expanding our consciousness and by becoming aware, and by making it an intention to be a part of the positive change. This may seem like an overly simple concept, but it is real, and it is that simple.

We are upon great change, and I believe this work to be very positive. My hope is that you feel like part of the greater whole when contributing though prayer. Please share these messages with others – gathering the numbers increases the benefits – the more who join, the greater the potential for the change we seek.

Put your prayer hats on, and lets do this together!

Sample Prayers

1. For our earth, for humankind, for all living things, I pray.
2. Heavenly Creator, shine your light upon all areas brought to attention. Bring forth your grace; cast your love upon all areas and situations in need, I ask this from a place of love and genuine caring. Amen

3. Divine and Holy presence, as a part of the global effort for which I am a part of, I pray for peace, harmony, tolerance and greater understanding amongst all people.

About Me & How Global Prayer Works Came to Be 

I am an interfaith minister, an author, and the founder of Create Harmony LLC. I was trained in world religions and philosophy at The New Seminary in New York City. As the founder and facilitator of Synchronized Women™, a spiritual women’s group, I have been teaching the spiritual tools of journal writing, meditation, and how to use and write affirmations for over a decade.

Life-changing work for me includes ministering to members of a New Jersey bereavement group who lost loved ones in the 9/11 tragedies, as well as aiding women with cancer. An author, I have two manuscripts in production with a book publisher, including a children’s story about “going green” and my memoir.

My introduction to world prayer work started years ago, as a natural part of my spiritual process and evolution. I simply began including areas in need, my community, and people everywhere in my prayers. Then I had an interest in knowing in advance when a world tragedy or an earth disaster might occur. This type of information slowly worked its way into my consciousness. Soon I realized that there is great responsibility in having access to such information in advance, and I decided that I no longer wished to see, hear, sense or know anything about future events; and I prayed to be released of this, and of course, this is when the information began pouring in effortlessly.

I have learned that information of this sort does not belong to any one individual, but that it belongs to our Creator. Information that comes from the source belongs to the source. When an individual has the ability to foresee certain events it is ONLY to be used for the highest good of an individual, humankind, the earth and her creatures, and the world at large. It is never to serve the self or the ego.

For the past six years, I have been called upon regularly by Divine Guidance to pray for world events, for people, for the earth, and for areas in need. I have also worked closely with others who are dedicated to this type of work.

Put your prayer hats on, and lets do this together! Please join me in this beautiful collective work of using our power to spread love and goodness globally. 

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